PUBLISHED BY Arlati Ghislandi
Certificazione Unica 2016

The Fiscal Office renders available the “Certificazione Unica” draft, prepared in accordance with the Stability Draft Law 2016 provisions.

The form will have to be transmitted:

- To the employee within the February 28, 2016 – in a “light” version;

- To the Revenue Agency (electronically) – within the March 7, 2016 – pursuant to paragraph 539, Stability Draft Law 2016.

Furthermore, within the abovementioned date (March 7, 2016), the fiscal and contributive data, and any other information that permit the execution of inspections by financial police and Social security and Insurance Institutions, have to be sent.

Lastly, the tax substitute can transmit to the substitute the “Certificazione Unica” in an electronic format, subject to the possibility that CU accessing and materializing for next fulfillments will be guaranteed.