PUBLISHED BY Arlati Ghislandi
Conversion into Law of the “Dignity Decree”

At the Session of 7 August 2018, the Senate approved the draft law converting Legislative Decree no. 87 of 12 July 2018 (‘Dignity Decree’), which is currently being published in the Official Gazette.


Without prejudice to the fact that the framework outlined by the aforementioned Leg. Decree no. 87 of 12 July 2018 regarding fixed-term work is confirmed as a whole, below is a summary of the new elements introduced by the Draft Law:

-            provision of a transitional phase (until 31 October 2018) for application of the new measures on the extension of the term and renewal in relation to fixed-term employment contracts existing at 14 July 2018;

-            introduction until 2020 of an incentive for the hiring of workers who have not reached the age of thirty five (involving an exemption from social security contributions aimed at promoting youth employment);

-            redefinition of the current provisions on the supply of staff (the limitations provided for the use of fixed-term work are extended to supply, but applied only to the user) and reintroduction of the crime of fraudulent supply;

-            extension of the scope of application for occasional work referred to in Article 54-bis of Leg. Decree no. 50 of 24 April 2017;

-            raising of the minimum and maximum limits of both the unjustified dismissal indemnity and the amount that the employer may offer the employee as an offer of conciliation pursuant to article 6 of Leg. Decree no. 54 of 4 March 2018.


The provisions of Chapter II of Leg. Decree no. 87 of 12 July 2018, containing measures to combat relocation and safeguard employment levels, have also been confirmed with the introduction of corrective elements.