PUBLISHED BY Arlati Ghislandi
‘Evidenze CIG’ – The new feature of the Cassetto Previdenziale Aziende (Company Social Security Communications)

With its own message, INPS illustrated the functioning of ‘Evidenze CIG’ (Evidences for Wage Guarantee Fund), the new feature present in the “Cassetto Previdenziale Aziende” that allows monitoring the adjustments made to CIG authorisations managed through the ticket system and to facilitate the detection of errors.


With message no. 3455 of 20 September 2018, INPS announced that the function called “Evidenze CIG’ is active in the Cassetto Previdenziale Aziende, which i) makes it possible to verify the correctness of the adjustments relating to the CIG authorisations managed with the ticket system and ii) makes it easier to display errors.


The ‘Evidenze CIG’ section is divided into three distinct sections:


  • the ‘Evidence by Position’ indicates:


-       the authorisation number (if already issued) and the corresponding ticket number. If the combination is not correct, the calculation procedure does not determine any amount as an available amount. In this case, it is necessary to send individual flows of variation indicating the number of the ticket actually combined with the authorisation. When the authorisation number is incorrect, it must be modified by the competent territorial Structure;

-       the type of authorisation (i.e. whether it is an ordinary or extraordinary CIG);

-       the i) authorised, ii) used and iii) remaining hours of CIG (Wage Guarantee Fund);

-       the amounts of i) the calculated totals, ii) totals granted and iii) balance. If the calculated total amount is equal to ‘0’, the UniEmens-CIG procedure shows that, although the authorisation has been granted, it is not possible to calculate the total amount (the errors found are specified in the ‘Position Details’);

-       data relating to the additional contribution, with reporting of the contribution due, the contribution declared and the relative balance;


  • the ‘Errors Section’ reports the number of individual complaints and the number of errors found in the consistency, appropriateness, compatibility and calculation checks;
  • the ‘Position Details’ section indicates the following in relation to each authorisation or single ticket:


-       the months to which the authorisation relates (referring to both the events reported and the adjustments made);

-       the amount of the additional contribution, determined based on the events reported that have passed the checks and the number of individual complaints relevant for CIG purposes;

-       the error codes (of consistency, appropriateness, compatibility and calculation of the total amount).



  • the ‘Period Details’ section reports, for each period, the individual detailed data with indication of the calculation of the service, the additional contribution and credit difference and any errors with analytical description of the relative cause.