PUBLISHED BY Arlati Ghislandi
Fruition of “Congedo parentale” on a hourly basis

Inps, with circular message no. 152 of August 18, 2015, provides clarifications upon fruition of “Congedo parentale” on a hourly basis and related operating instructions.

The subordinate employee, parent of a child, entitled to the Congedo requests it to the employer and to Inps itself, for the related economic and pension treatment. During the transitional period, the request is sent to Inps via a specific online form, different from the one commonly used for Congedo requests on a daily or monthly basis.

For this reason, if the parent, during a certain period, intends to use the Congedo on a daily/monthly basis and on a hourly basis, he or she shall follow both online procedures.

During the first phase of these new regulations, such requests are sent according to the following instructions:


-      the request covers up to a single month;

-      the request can also be referred to days with hourly parental leave taken before the request is processed.


After this transitional period, requests will have to be sent to Inps before the Congedo begins, up to the day itself in which the Congedo is taken.