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PUBLISHED BY Arlati Ghislandi
Strenuous work – communication within 31st march

Within 31st March 2017, employers who, in the year 2016 have had employees who undertook particularly hard and heavy work, are required to make the usual communication via web through the site cliclavoro.gov.it, using the form LAV-US.

Such  submission has to be made in order to monitor all of the strenuous work as required by Decree No. 67/2011.


a) workers required to work in particular strenuous tasks as described in Art. 2 of the Decree dated 19th May, 1999 issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy;

b) night workers, so as described solely for the purpose indicated by law in object, art. 1 letter b) Legislative Decree No. 67/20114;

c) Workers involved in the so-called “chain line” as indicated in Article. 1, paragraph 1, letter c of the Legislative Decree 21 April 2011, n. 67 and listed in Annex 1 of the same decree;

d) drivers of vehicles with a total capacity of not less than 9 seats, used as a public service collective transport (art. 1, paragraph 1, letter d of the Legislative Decree 21 April 2011, n. 67).

Omission of this communication involves the penalty from 500 to 1500 euro, upon warning to comply.