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New CIGS salary integration for publishing sector

From January 1st, 2018, social safety nets in the publishing sector lose their autonomous nature and are absorbed – in labor law terms – within the general regimen set forth by Legislative Decree no. 148/15 which “acquires” a new art. 25-bis for the harmonization of trearments.


Reasons for the recognition of social safety nets in the publishing sector (restructuring, crisis and solidarity contracts) still also include the "entire or partial termination of business", but suspensions from work may be taken for up to 24 months, also uninterruptedly, in the mobile 5-year period. For the calculation of the total maximum allowed duration, used CIGS salary integration periods are calculated starting from January 1, 2018, even if referred to treatments already ongoing upon said date or to requests submitted prior to said date.


All procedural privileges are abolished, though the non-existance of a minimum staff size as a requirement is confirmed.


Early retirement, last bastion of the earlier generation of social safety nets, is also confirmed, allowing a facilitated early retirement for workers without further costs for the employer.