Studio Arlati Ghislandi is composed of approximately fifty professionals, all with different roles and specific skills in the field of Labour Law, trade unions and tax law, is located in Milano, Roma, Genova, Brescia and is part of an international network, specialised in employment law and personnel administration, the studio can meet the needs of our clients in about 100 nations worldwide.

Our expertise, specifically geared towards medium-large companies, has helped facilitate the activities of national and international networks for the administration of personnel and legal consultancy in labour and tax law.


MILANO | 20121 Milano – corso Giacomo Matteotti 7 | ph. +

ROMA | 00192 Roma – piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 27 | ph. + 39 06.983.862.85

GENOVA | 16123 Genova - salita Santa Caterina, 1/5 | tel. +39

BRESCIA | 25121 Brescia - piazza della Loggia, 5 | tel. +39